Kim Jonghyun is the son of a CEO of a successful recording company, and as such, he’s extremely well off. Anything he needs that money can buy, he gets. He’s particularly spoiled. Jonghyun himself is an eccentric, aspiring singer. For the most part, he can be found with the Theatre kids. In most, if not all, of the school’s productions, Jonghyun has the male lead and there’s never any question. He can be rather conceited about his talents and place as the top male in his specific clique, but in reality, he has a heart of gold and is rather naive, often leading himself to be taken advantage of without realising it. Be it with money, by his friends or various other things. (a p p l y)

Park Yoochun is a player who parties hard and doesn’t care about what or who he ends up in bed with. He only loves himself but has a talent to make his victims believe he’s their prince charming. However he has a weak body constitution but doesn’t care about his health, only wanting sex, fun, drugs and rock´n´roll. And he only thinks about the present not caring about the mess that awaits him in the future. (a p p l y)

Boa is an aspiring and struggling actress and and ex drug addict.

She suffered from a serious drug addiction and was pressured by her mother, to support the family financially with her acting career. Due to an overdose,her Mother checks her into a drug rehabilitation clinic, paid for by a classmate (any TVXQ member).

After discovering one of her ex-boyfriends was HIV positive. She takes an HIV-test. While she is negative for HIV, the results do reveal she is pregnant but the paternity is still unknown. Boa is unsure of the paternity, as her memories of recent sexual experiences have been clouded by her drug addiction. Boa’s opinion is that she should get an abortion, while her adopted brother (Jo Kwon) thinks she should raise it or give it up for adoption.

As such, she had to give up school once she was starting to show. She took retreat in London where she worked hard and that was where she met Stephanie. Bolstered by Stephanie’s support, Boa became more confident in her ability to deal with her situation. Boa has a one year old son called, Noah.

She struggles to find her place in Seoul and to maintain her sweet nature. Boa is a hopeless romantic and a devoted lover, however she has had her heart broken one too many times. (a p p l y)

Yuri had a hard past, both parents passed away when she was little and her cold frivolous aunt took care of her, she loved her aunt after all she helped her in her time of need. But she just lived in a mere routine, home-school-home-chores-sleep a never ending boring circle; she indeed was a good girl.

 Until one day she got sick of that circle and sneaked out to dance clubs, she got a job as a dancer in a gentlemen club. But she didn´t do it for money, oh hell no! Kwon Yuri had plenty of money she just did it for fun and the feeling of being the bad girl. There in that club she danced under the name of   ¨The black pearl¨ a name costumers gave her a name she used instead of her real one. After all being a Seoul´s elite girl, she can´t be discovered in this low life places right?

There she is Seoul´s elite one and only black queen, the one with two sides, the one who think can manage everything with a smirk, a wink and a credit card. (a p p l y)

Standing at a whooping 158 cm, she’s nothing but petite. Born and raised just outside of Daegu. Having the cute image, she has been dubbed by those around her as an ‘Aegyo Queen’. Seeing as she pretty much oozes cuteness in everything she does. Sunny isn’t all that new to the complicated life of Seoul’s elite, in fact, I’m sure she’ll fit right in. Being a relative of Tiffany Hwang, the younger cousin in fact. Her closet isn’t filled with only cheap knockoffs, it’s also filled with drugs, stolen items and a bunch of other shit you would have never expected from someone so innocent. Look who’s got you fooled.  She has that trait that most the women in her family have, they love drama. Sunny may not be as bad as the elite, but she’s definitely played her fair part in boyfriend stealing and gossiping. But she hides behind her cover as the good, and completely vulnerable girl. Anyway though, The elite better start watching their backs, for short and spunky Sunny has entered the room. (a p p l y)

Kim Da Rae, or Di as she prefers, is the only daughter of an aspiring businessman and a world-class fashion designer. To be blunt, she’s a party animal who always knows where it’s at. Whether it be hosting or the center of it, she’s there on the scene. Due to her hard childhood and lack of attention as a young one, it’s droven her to this kind of behaviour. But it didn’t make it any easier when her parents would continously move around the world, having no choice but for her to tag along. 

However, a little over a year ago, her and her parents finally moved back to Seoul, were Di was forced to attend school and face the hardships it has to offer.

She has no idea where she stands in life, has traits of a hopeless romantic and tends to get depressed easily. She’s never experienced any type of friendship and can appear to be cold and distant, but it’s only because of the amount of insecurity she has. Despite her party girl attitude and her cold appearance, Di is actually quite intelligent. She gets her looks, fashion sense and attitude from her mother and her personality traits from her father. (a p p l y)

Seo Joohyun, or Seohyun as she prefers to be called, is the ultimate good girl. She is classy and proper; a perfectionist always trying her absolute best to do everything. She has a pure heart and always sees the good in people. Born in a family which most of the family members are either government officials, lawyers, or doctors. Her father is a high-ranked diplomat, so ever since she was little she traveled and lived in many different countries. That explains her outstanding languages fluency. Her dream is to become a great diplomat just like her father.  It seems as if there is nothing wrong about this girl, but her biggest flaw is that she doesn’t know how to get loose sometimes. She has never been in love, and although she finds all the boys around her to be immature and silly,  but deep down her heart, she is waiting for the Prince Charming. When it comes to romance, Seohyun is a bit old-fashioned. (a p p l y)

To the world Youngmin is a normal sweet boy, but not to be fooled. When Youngmin was younger he fell into a wrong crowd, he would be gone for days, steal things, drink in copious amounts and occasioanlly he’d do drugs, mostly shrooms and weed, but still as bad. He got out from them not too long ago. But the temptations he faces every day still makes his fingers twitch. (a p p l y)


"is the roleplay still running?"

yes it is~ the rpg will be restarted in two days’ time :)

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SUPER JUNIOR is now free to be roleplayed!APPLY NOW! @ Gossip Girl in Seoul RP

SUPER JUNIOR is now free to be roleplayed!
APPLY NOW! @ Gossip Girl in Seoul RP